• Background/History - provide a brief narrative history of the company and its business, ownership, competitors, industry, and markets (or a copy of Business Plan, if available)
  • Corporate tax returns and Financial Statements for the last three years including Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements.
  • Interim Profit and Loss Statements for the most current period and same period last year and projected/budgeted amounts.
  • List of owner(s) salary and any other indirect and direct compensation to owners (travel and entertainment, cars, hospitalization/life insurance, etc.) for most current period and last three years.
  • Number of full-time and part-time employees, with pay rates and brief summary of key employees.
  • Lease agreement (if property is not owned) or most recent appraisal report (if property is owned) and photographs of the property (exterior).
  • Brochures or advertising material, Company catalog, newspaper articles, etc.
  • Copy of local yellow page listings of Company and all competitors in the area.
  • Objective in selling (e.g. retirement, liquidity, other business interests, etc.)
  • Tentative asking price for business (if formulated) and how this was determined (e.g. multiple of earnings, estimated fair market value of assets, rule of thumb calculation, etc.)
  • Website Address (if any)

Considering selling - The Process - Questions & Answers - Do's and Don't's - What buyers look for
 The meeting - Transferring ownership

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