The buyer-seller meeting is very important to the sale of a business. It gives both buyer and seller the opportunity to learn more about each other. The buyer has a chance to get comfortable with you and the business and you get the opportunity to see what you think of the buyer.


  • Be sure your broker is with you at the meeting.
  • Discuss the good points of your business and its potential.
  • Discuss the bad points of your business and possible solutions.
  • Explain the operation of your business, concentrate on its unique features, and suggest areas for growth.
  • Invite questions from the buyer and be open and honest with your answers.
  • Be sure to explain your reason for sale in a positive manner.
  • Your financial records should either be presented in the presence of your broker or by the broker.
  • Brokerage fees, price and terms shouldn’t be discussed, that’s our job!

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