What is Valuation and why should I have it done?

Professional valuation offers business owners an objective opinion as to the value of a closely-held business by assisting:

  • owners in estimating an "asking price" when their business is being sold.
  • buyers in evaluating an "asking price" when a business is being bought.
  • attorneys in property and asset divisions in divorce cases.
  • attorneys in property and asset divisions in the dissolution of a business.
  • financial institutions in determining credit risks.
  • estate planners in strategic planning, budgeting, finance, taxation and retirement.
  • vendors in determining value of business stocks.

Professional valuators use accurate statistical, economic, and comparative data and are trained in sound methods of performing valuation procedures. They are proficient in software systems, which allow them to do accurate analysis and valuation.

Valuations are done for many reasons.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Spin-offs, Liquidations, Reorganizations, Buying, Selling, Financing, Initial Public Offerings, Stock Plans, Return on Investment, Life Insurance, Litigation, Divorce, Insurance, Estate Taxes, Gift Taxes and Contributions.

Valuation VS. Appraisal

Valuation: Determine the value for an entire or partial interest in a closely-held business or other enterprise, using both tangible and intangible assets associated with the specific business being valued.
Appraisal: Establish the value of certain tangible assets, based on current market knowledge.
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